3 Things To Do During A Divorce

A divorce is a difficult decision that often comes after a lot of soul-searching and numerous attempts to repair a marriage. It can be overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start, consider the following.

Divide Shared Assets and Responsibilities

If you co-signed on property such as a home or car, you will have to decide who gets what. Shared bank accounts or lines of credit—even shared streaming or gaming accounts—should be either closed or relinquished to one party. Wills may have to be rewritten to reflect current needs and considerations. If you have children together, you have to figure out custody and visitation, and what makes the most sense for their well-being.

Sometimes these are easy and amicable decisions, but other times feelings are strong and it’s hard to come to an agreement. Having a third party acting as a mediator can put things into perspective, keep them fair, and ensure everyone feels heard and validated. Mediators aren’t always lawyers, but can just be a family pastor, therapist or anyone both parties trust to have their best interests in mind.

Get Legal Representation

This may not be necessary for everyone, but if a peaceful separation cannot be agreed upon through mediation, you may have to seek out a lawyer familiar with family law Pasco County FL to keep things fair. If you are dealing with an abusive spouse and you don’t feel like you can safely express your needs without receiving retribution, the sooner you find representation, the better.

Don’t just ask prospective lawyers for an estimate for their services, but also for references. You don’t just want a good fit for your situation financially, but emotionally.

Take Care of Yourself

Even when all parties are on the same page and the logistics of separation are easy to negotiate, it can still be a whirlwind of grief, guilt, anger and anxiety. And those feelings are natural. Connect often with friends and family who are supportive. Seek out the counsel of a therapist if you are struggling, and be patient with yourself.

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