What Business Owners Need to Do to Avoid Employment Practices Liability Claims

Every business owner needs to be conscientious about avoiding legal problems related to employment practices. In an increasingly litigious era, it is more important that ever for you to review your business’ human resources policies. You also must consider whether the rest of your staff acts in accordance with your standards. Regardless of what type of business you own, there are a few universally important practices that can help you to reduce the risk of facing an employment practices liability claim.

Ensure Compliance With All Applicable Law

You need to familiarize yourself with all federal law such as the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as any state law such as Title XXXI governing employment practices. An attorney can help you review your internal policies to confirm that they are consistent with any applicable law. For help with questions related to employment law Orlando, reach out to a firm that has extensive experience serving businesses in your area.

Review Your Hiring Process

Employment practices liability can arise even before you employ an individual. Take steps to ensure that your hiring process is conducted fairly and you do not ask interview questions that could serve as the basis for a discrimination claim.

Create a Comprehensive Employee Handbook

Treating everyone consistently is a fundamental part of making employees feel that you are dealing with them fairly and equitably. It is essential that you have an employee handbook codifying some of your most basic policies about matters such as workplace conduct, time-off, and grievances. When you have a playbook about how employees and their supervisors need to conduct themselves, you spare your staff from having to make on-the-spot decisions in difficult situations. In addition, you help to ensure that policies are applied consistently so that people don’t feel as though they are being singled out or treated unfairly.

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