What are the Different Alcohol Laws?

When it comes to buying and selling alcohol in the United States, there are some specific liquor laws that must be adhered to. While every state has liquor laws, they aren’t all the same. In fact, there are even some liquor laws that are dependent on the city or county you live in within the state. Because of all of the different legalities surrounding alcohol that may vary by region, it can be wise to enlist the help of a liquor law consultant Texas to help you sort them out. Until then, here are some of the many different liquor laws you may encounter.

Laws Around Minimum Age

For starters, there are many laws about minimum ages to both consume, sell and work in jobs that include the sale and consumption of alcohol. For instance, many liquor laws require someone to be at least 18 years of age to serve alcohol in a restaurant venue or to tend a bar where the consumption of the alcohol happens in that location. There are also typically liquor laws around the minimum age for someone to sell alcohol to be consumed elsewhere (think grocery store). The age limit even for the latter scenario may also change depending on whether the alcohol in question is beer and wine or spirits (liquor).

There are other laws about the minimum age to drink alcohol as well as laws around driving with alcohol in the bloodstream. The different blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits differ by state.

Laws Around Selling Alcohol

For businesses, there are lots of laws to consider when it comes to the selling of alcohol. For one, you’re not allowed to sell alcohol to anyone underage. There are also certain times of the day (depending on the day) where alcohol can be sold and served. Certain holidays may have limitations on if/when alcohol can be served and there are even specific rules for food trucks in many states.

These are just a few of the liquor laws to consider when it comes to the sale and consumption of alcohol. Be sure to check the specific laws set up in the state/city where you reside.

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