Spruce Up Your Coffee Shop

You own your coffee shop, café or bakery and are looking for a way to spruce things up — and maybe even bring in some new revenue for your business! No matter what kind of work you’re looking to do, there are many options to consider when proceeding with major or minor renovations. So where do you begin?

Add a Display Case

If you do not already have food display cases, think about what they could do for you! Adding a unique, beautiful shelving unit encased in glass can show off delicious snacks and is a great way to make extra sales. When people are standing in line for a few minutes, their eyes may wander over to your new display case and settle on a tasty treat. With the proper lighting, placement and design, a food display case may entice customers who are about to make their purchase to include an add-on to their order. After all, what’s better than a cup of coffee and a pastry?

Refresh Your Seating Areas

Whether you have a large budget or you are wanting to stick to the lower end, there are many ways to refresh the seating in your small business. Adding new tables (or just new tablecloths if you’re looking for the more inexpensive option), new chairs (or chair covers) or even just cleaning them up a bit by filling in cracks or dings can make your space feel up-to-date. You could even try a new coat of paint if you’re working with wood or metal seating! If you need some other pops of color, try adding fresh seasonal flowers to each tabletop for a more friendly and inviting feel.

No matter how old or new your shop is, it has the potential to shine. Whether you’re making small choices like adding fresh flowers or big, exciting decisions like a new display case for your carefully crafted treats, there’s always room to grow.

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