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Of the criticisms leveled at American news networks, two seem pervasive. The doom and gloom, the world-is-an-awful-place outlook in which so much reporting seems steeped is the reason many people cite limiting their exposure to news outlets. Some people admit to a genuine increase in their overall anxiety levels when they pay close attention to what’s reported on the nightly news. As the world isn’t going to change overnight, their only recourse is to not watch what’s going on. The other issue is much more repairable. Many complain about the national news being too narrow in its’ focus. For those people, seeking out alternative sources of news is simply a click away.

Israel and the Middle East

Tensions in the Middle East go back centuries. If you’ve read the Bible and believe the history recorded there, you’ll recognize the descendants of those Biblical groups as still being involved in the modern conflicts. There is so much news to report from that area of the world that many news outlets simply gloss over what’s going on unless the event is massive and/or paradigm-shifting. Seeking out sources like the Middle East Forum, with their team of writers like Barak Bekdil and Gregg Roman, will give you a good picture of what’s going on in that area of the world.

If you’re interested specifically in the issues and politics Jews face in that region, one place to go is another site to which Mr. Roman contributes, the Jewish News Syndicate. Reported from a strictly Jewish point of view, the news here illuminates not only what’s happening with Jews in the Middle East, but worldwide.

Latin and South America

Little news from these sectors of the world makes it to the nightly broadcasts in America unless it’s tragic like human trafficking or drug-related violence. Hence, many Americas lack even a basic understanding of the issues facing both regions. Finding sources like El Pais, South American News or Latin America in Movement can be eye-opening to someone who has only previously relied on their 30-minute to an hour nightly news television program. You’ll find articles of regional interest as well as those which comment on how the influence of regional events is felt around the globe. Articles about business, the environment and politics abound, also. Many articles are in English, but you’ll find quite a few to be written in Spanish.


Sources of news about Russia can be problematic. There’s a nationalized culture of repression in Russia which extends into reporting the news. Russian sources of Russian news are often limited as to what they can report without reprisal. The independent news agencies Reporters Without Borders and Freedom House annually rank countries based on the freedoms associated with reporting and the press in countries around the world. Russia routinely ranks low on those lists and both entities have highlighted the number of reporters killed in Russia on a seemingly routine basis. Be careful that your sources are independent.

Americans who feel isolated from world news have resources available to them to correct that.

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