Does Your Lawsuit Need an Expert Witness?

Every industry has standards to which the participants must hold to keep their practice in business. When you file a lawsuit against a company, you may not be familiar with the inner workings; you just know that you were mistreated and want to see justice served. That’s where an expert witness comes in.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness has to excel in the field of the company you’re suing and be familiar with the standards to which that business should hold. For example, a bank expert witness should have a solid understanding of ordinary practices and procedures that banks go through, as well as where your experience went awry.

Who Qualifies as an Expert Witness?

You can bring someone into your case as an expert witness if they have documented knowledge, training, experience, education, or skill in the area in which you suffered injustice. If they do not have these necessary areas of expertise, they may still be allowed to give a lay opinion testimony, which has looser guidelines.

Do I Need an Expert Witness?

If your case requires specialized knowledge to determine its validity, it’s time to bring in an expert. For example, if you need mathematical calculations to determine the angle at which another vehicle collided with your car, or if you need to establish a condition caused by a motor vehicle accident, you’ll need an expert witness to confirm these details.

One way to determine if you can use a lay opinion testimony or if you need an expert witness is to unofficially ask laypeople the questions they’d have to answer in court. If the laws are too nuanced or the calculations are too complex for someone to answer offhandedly, play it safe and call in someone who you know will have the answer you need.

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